Day 4 – X:site’s Got Talent!

Well, Day 4 was packed with so much! We certainly know how to have fun on the X:site National Holiday đŸ˜‰ The children have been learning about stories of courage today (starting with fears thanks to the Cowardly Lion). Did you know that Ian’s biggest fear is melted marshmallows?!

Then after a good time xploring and sharing together in their colour teams, the children have enjoyed projects and workshops gallore. Bubbleology bubbled over again (the art room is the cleanest it’s ever been!), the ukelele band are sounding brilliant, the improvised dramas are coming together and the craft is fantastic.

But this evening was the best! Our Emerald City Ball went down a treat with good food, good friends, X:site’s Got Talent (it really has!) and our annual disco with plenty of silly dancing  and the whole holiday doing the Macarena together!

We finished the evening with our Quiet Celebration in the school’s chapel, where we focussed on all the things we’re thankful to God for.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all on Friday and sharing some of the things we’ve been doing this week, at our final X:site Celebration at 3pm. See you soon!



About xsitenational

A Christian holiday for 8-11s in the summer holidays, run by Scripture Union
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