Day 3 – Gullivers!

We’re off to see the Wizard….this time we thought about the tin man and how he wanted a heart, and we explored a story of God’s love for us and how we can love God and others.

Then of course it was off to Gulliver’s Land for a day of fun, rides, friends, sweets and treats! Everyone had a brilliant time and the girls on the pirate ship were even asked to sing LOUDER!

Our campfire turned out to be a bit damp, so after a few minutes of being outside round a real fire, we returned inside for a slightly drier time of campfire songs and dances (did you know that Joe has a wife and 3 kids and works in a butter factory, or that unfortunately Moz’s horse died again this year but had a funeral attended by many people from around the world?)

The boys beat the girls again tonight in the sleep race, with all their dorms being asleep within 10 minutes of lights out! We’re looking forward to a great Thursday with the Emerald City Ball and X:site’s Got Talent. Many prayers have been said today thanking God for friends, Gulliver’s, comfort, food, sweets, fun, X:site; and asking help and protection for friends and family.

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X:site Day 2

Day 2 is already over and the children are in bed! We’ve had so much fun with inflatables, more swimming, yummy food, team challenge Olympics, playing games together and starting our projects and workshops. During our X:site meeting we learned a “story of brain” (linking to the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz) where Jesus explained about how we are like a wise man who builds his house on the rock when we listen to Jesus and make wise decisions in our lives. Each dorm was also visited this morning by a Storyteller who shared a bit of their own story of how God has cared for and helped them, as David describes in Psalm 23.

Tomorrow is very busy with our trip to Gullivers’, so I’ll leave you with a few photos:

Can you guess who these Junior Bubbleologists are?!

– Alison

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Day 1

That’s day 1 done and all is quiet in the dorms probably because we’re so tired from all the fun! We’ve been swimming, hunted for treasure, eaten some particularly yummy sausage and mash and made loads of new friends.  But more importantly we’ve begun to think about our journey with God by making story staffs that show our journey so far. Pray for a good night’s sleep and a just as amazing day tomorrow.

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See you soon!


We can’t wait for the holiday to begin!

The team is all here and the stage is set (litterally) for an amazing week.

We are so excited to see you arrive tomorrow. Registration is open 2pm – 3pm but please don’t arrive before then as we may not be ready.

Praying for safe and swift journies.

All the X:site team

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Here we go! Moz’s Blog

The vans are packed, food is delivered, Cassie, Kebab, Minty and their new friend Crackle are settling in.  The X:site National Holiday 2015 is here!

We are so excited to find out what God has in store for us during the week.  Our theme this year is based around the Wizard of Oz as we follow the yellow brick road on a journey of a life time.

My prayer for this coming week is that each and every member of our Holiday family takes a step along the yellow brick road of their faith adventure.  We all will have different starting points; but all have steps to take.  Some of us may have been following the yellow brick road for all our lives,  some may have begun the journey but been distracted by poppy fields, some may have only just landed in Oz. However,  wherever each individual is I am convinced God wants usto use this week to explore their path, investigate their beliefs and make an informed decision about what direction to take.

On Monday we start our journey by looking at some of the words of King David from Psalms 119 verse 105 “Your word is a lamp to guide me and a light for my path”.  Let’s pray that we all remember these words as we use the beautiful power of scripture to help us on our journey.

Next week we will have a lot of fun, make new life-long friends, eat some very yummy food and have a generally awesome time but all that is nothing compared to the power of an encounter with our Creator.

Let’s journey towards the emerald city together!

See you on Monday,



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All children’s places are fully booked but there’s room for team!

We are fully booked for children’s places, but we still have room for another adult female leader and a catering team member. Apply at:

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Parents Info is on its way! And exciting new Projects and Workshops!

If you’re a parent of a child coming to the holiday, hopefully you will have received an email yesterday with all the information. More info and all the health forms (plus a little sneak peak for your child) is winging its way to you courtesy of Royal Mail.

If you’re a parent of a Junior Team member, info and forms are also on their way through the post to you!

Alison will be available this week to answer any questions. Please contact Moz after the 21st July.

Also, we have just planned our full activity timetable and this year we will be offering Projects and Workshops! Your child will have the chance to choose a Project which will help them create or grow in a skill over the week (choices include Animation, Puppets and Ukelele Band) and we have some new workshops: Bubbleology and Origami!

See you in a couple of weeks!

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